Subscribe to Events

You may see our [Subscribe iCal] [Download iCal] links on event pages. What’s this about?

Many smartphones and calendar programs (such as Outlook, and iCalendar on iPhone/iPad) can open an iCal file so you can add the events to your own calendar.

If your app allows, then Subscribing to the iCal will mean your device keeps itself up-to-date* with any changes we make to published events.

Alternatively, if you Download an iCal file without subscribing, it save a snapshot of events to your calendar. Details on how to do this for various devices/apps are given below.

From time-to-time we need to amend events that we publish on the website. We try our best to minimise this and publicise changes where necessary. To help you stay up to date, we recommend you subscribe to the calendar. Your phone/tablet/computer will then keep itself up-to-date with all the latest changes.

You can also download a copy of the events list in [Download as PDF] format. We keep the PDF file up-to-date on the website, but you’ll have to re-download it to see the latest version.

Subscribe to a Calendar.

  1. Clicking on the [Subscribe iCal] and opening in your app (e.g. Outlook) will often be enough to subscribe to events.
  2. If this doesn’t work, right-click(PC) / control-click (mac) on any [Download iCal] link and COPY the LINK ADDRESS e.g. “” to your clipboard.
  3. in your chosen Calendar app, look to “Subscribe to a calendar“. When your app asks for the ‘internet’ or ‘server’ address, PASTE the LINK ADDRESS to our .ics

Downloading a Snapshot of Events

If you just want to save a list of events for offline viewing, then click the [Download iCal] link to download the .ics file. Opening this file in your calendar app will import the events published at that time. Note that if the event changes on our website, your calendar will not update itself automatically this way – you’ll have to re-download the latest version.

  1. Click the iCal link to save the .ics file to your computer.
  2. Open this file in your calendar app.

Phone / Computer Guides to Subscribing to Internet Calendars

(look for instructions on how to ‘subscribe to calendar’)

iOS (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

Microsoft Outlook (desktop app)

Android Phone/Tablet

* Note: When you subscribe to a calendar, it may take your phone/computer several hours to pick up the changes. This depends on your phone/computer/service provider settings and is not something we control unfortunately. You can sometimes force a refresh by using a ‘Send/Receive All’ button or similar in your app.