Help us restore our Drascombe Sail Training Boat

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In the Summer of 2020 our Sailing Club was gifted the Drascombe Gig. but she needs an extensive overhaul before we can use the boat to offer inclusive sailing opportunities to our community. Please help by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign.

 A local outdoor centre that was closing due to funding cuts got in touch and offered us the vessel.

We saw the potential straight away for promoting and offering inclusive sailing experiences. Due to her design she can take up to 12 people & we intend to use her for inclusive sailing. Old, young and those with extra needs will be able to get aboard and experience the thrill of the open water under the guidance of our experienced sailors and instructors. 

Oban Sailing Club Drascombe Gig
Photo: Our Drascombe Gig awaiting restoration, and a picture from her past life of our restoration goal.

We want to be able to reach out to those individuals who wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to go sailing. The Covid 19 pandemic has had a serious impact on people mental health and the effects of the isolation has had an effect on people’s confidence and social relationships.

Monday Mayhem started in 2018 as an offshoot of Oban Sailing Club its aim was to offer non competitive sailing opportunities to individuals and families who didn’t own a boat and wanted to learn to sail. over the following years it grew in strength and in January 2020 was awarded RYA Scotland Volunteers of the Year award. Monday Mayhem is run by a small dedicated team of both experienced and professionally qualified sailors and volunteers.

We have close ties with Oban High school the local Sea Cadets along with Argyll college and Live Argyll.

We believe that getting out on the water and experiencing the thrill of the ocean can have huge positive impacts on an individuals wellbeing and mental health. The restoration of this boat to a seagoing vessel will enable us to offer this in the long term to people normally excluded.

To realise our ambition to provide this we need to carry out some general repairs, update the boats safety equipment including lifejackets and life raft, source a working outboard engine and repair the trailer so that we can potentially take the boat to different locations and offer experiences to other communities.   

We are fortunate enough to have received support from Oban Community Sports Hub who have recognised the community potential but we need your support to get this project afloat and enable us to realise our vision.

Thank you