July Quick Update

July 16, 2021 Off By Oban Sailing Club

This is a very quick update because I hope many of you are busy enjoying the summer and are not inclined to read long emails from me.  Just a few highlights and requests.

Round Mull Race: My thanks on behalf of the club to the organisers and sponsors of the 2021 Round Mull Race. I understand that 31 boats took part, and despite the light conditions it was a very enjoyable weekend – and perhaps one that many were looking forward to after all the disruptions of the previous months. We’re lucky to be supported by local companies to put this event on; please take a look at the RMR webpage for their details.

This is a hugely significant sailing event for the west coast of Scotland and I know it wasn’t easy pulling it all together this year.

Volunteer Awards: Oban Sailing Club has been nominated in one of the volunteer categories for the Argyll and Bute Third Sector Initiative 2021 Awards

The awards are an an online event tonight so looking foward to hearing the outcome. I’m not entirely sure but I think we’re in the “Community Sporting Heroes of the Year” category, supported by LiveArgyll.

Funding: More good news – we’ve been awarded £2021 by Foundation Scotland to allow us to purchase new training mainsails for the Fevas and also solid wheels for the launching trolleys so we don’t have to deal with deformed or deflated tyres when launching the dinghies. The sails are being made at the moment by Owen Sails (great to put money into a local business and supporter of OSC) and hopefully they will be ready for our August training courses.

Activity/Distancing: Related to the dinghy training courses, I want to make you aware that these courses are fully booked so there will be groups of young sailors in and around the dinghy park during the first two weeks of August. Details in the Events Calendar:

The instructors will be briefed on our local COVID-safe procedures, but as usual it will be the slipway/dinghy shed which will be the pinch points in terms of numbers/distancing. Please be patient and please talk with the instructors if you need space/access.

Dinghy Race Officer assistance: If you’re handy with flags and a hooter please consider volunteering to be a race officer for one of our dinghy events. Just drop us a quick messages and we will send you a link to a spreadsheet you can add your name to.

All for now

Back to the summer …..