Monday Mayhem!

Our RYA Scotland 2019 award winning sailing sessions for all ages.

13th September 2021:
As the nights are now drawing in rapidly, we’re going to move the start time for Monday Mayhem forward a bit to allow us to keep sailing until the end of the month. From now until the 27th September we’ll be running the briefing at 5:30, with the shed open and someone around to help rig from about 5pm (we’ll try to be there as close to 5 as possible however it may be slightly later sometimes as volunteers will be coming straight from work). If you’re unable to make it until a bit later or the usual time then please feel free to come along then and we’ll get you on the water as quickly as possible, although the end time will be earlier each week as sunset becomes sooner. Hope to see you for an end of season sail over the next 3 weeks before our final Monday Mayhem on the 27th September!

All sailors (or a responsible adult if under 18) need to have completed the online consent and emergency contact form before going afloat. It will also be available to complete at the start of each session, however you’ll get afloat quicker if you’ve already filled it in beforehand.

COVID Restrictions

Update – it is now (17th May) possible for people from different households to sail together in a dinghy

Due to current COVID restrictions, there are some changed to the way Monday Mayhem will operate:

  • There will be no access to changing rooms in the clubhouse, so unfortunately you will need to arrive already changed, or change in your car.
  • There will be access to a toilet if needed.
  • Social distancing will be necessary before and after sailing.
  • We will be limited to 50 people, including volunteers.
  • Sign in at the start of each session will be necessary for track and trace – to speed this up a QR code will be available, or a manual option if you’ve not got a QR reader on your phone.

Full details of OSC COVID procedures are available on the website and were sent out to members before the first session.

Monday Mayhem is all about having fun on the water for all ages. We’ll do a variety of sailing and other fun activities afloat, or there’s also the option to take out a club dinghy and just go for a sail with safety cover. We’ll be around from 6pm to help you get ready. Come to the dinghy park to sign in and find out what we’re doing and what boat to get ready. Then meet in the dinghy park at 6:30, rigged and changed and ready to launch, for a briefing.

We have wetsuits, buoyancy aids and cag tops (waterproof jackets that keep off the wind, rain and spray and help you stay warm) to lend and there’s a variety of club boats you can use, all free to members or included in the temporary membership cost below.

If you’re under 8 or haven’t sailed before then bring a friend or family member who has. If that’s not possible and you’d like to try out sailing, then we will almost always be able to get you out in a boat with someone, but this does depend on their being enough people able to take you. If you want to be sure, you can send us a message on our club facebook page or email us beforehand.

Not a member? Not a problem – you can join as a Temporary member for the evening for just £5, and if you like it, why not become a member? We offer family memberships and discounted membership rates. If you join us for one of our beginners courses, then your club membership for the rest of the year is free (see details on individual course pages).