Jubilee Weekend – Great Boating Bake-off

May 26, 2022 Off By Oban Sailing Club

Hello members

I thought I should give you an update on events coming up in the new Sailing Program. In particular I want to let you know about the Jubilee Weekend (4/5 June).

Saturday 4th June – Keelboat Cake Race

Yes -that’s right, a cake race. Actually, ‘race’ is probably overstating it – it’s all inclusive for any keelboat. The idea came from the Sailing Program Group and it sounds like a lot of fun. We’ll race from Oban around the Creags and back to Oban (start at 1300). However, during the race, crews must try and create some sort of cake/pudding/dessert to be brought ashore at the end. If you wish to just cruise around please do – the more boats that better – a great one for the family. Your culinary efforts will be judged and a ‘winner’ declared by combining the sailing and baking results. We’ll then have a bit of an afternoon tea party with the various baking efforts and our fabulous new bar will be open.

Clearly this is light-hearted. Probably the least serious event we’ve hosted. It’s a bit of fun which I hope will be appreciated by many. Even if you aren’t able to sail that day, feel free to drop down to the clubhouse, bring some baking and enjoy the afternoon.

Sunday 5th June – Jubilee Mayhem

On the 5th we’ll switch from a Monday Mayhem to a Jubilee Mayhem. We’ll start at 2pm and continue through the afternoon with the usual format of fun sailing. Later in the afternoon (perhaps around 4pm – TBC) I’d like us to have an official launch and naming of the Drascombe Gig that was rescued from Kilbowie and restored by some visionary and dedicated members with financial support from a number of donors. Later in the afternoon, depending on the weather, we’ll have a BBQ and obviously the new bar will be open for use.

Hope that all sounds enjoyable, and there is something in there you feel you can participate in.

Thanks to everyone who is chipping in with help and assistance with club events.