Theme Series 1: New Member Evening

This is an idea that came from the Sailing Program Group – and a way of encouraging new members to get involved in the keelboat program. The idea is for boats to go racing in the bay with someone onboard who is relatively new to the club. It’s not intended to be hugely competitive so give them a shot on the helm where you can. If you can take a couple of people on your boat that would be great. I can’t think how to efficiently pair people up, but if people congregate at the clubhouse around 6pm on Tuesday I would hope we could find space for most. If you’re a skipper who doesn’t fancy a race, but prepared to take people for a sail, please also think about coming down on Tuesday. We’ll also have the bar open (did I mention our new bar??) which looks absolutely superb thanks to the efforts of quite a number of members. Thank you

Single class race (CYCA)

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Tue 10th May 2022


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


LW: 2024 (1.7 m)